I have put this page together to publish the info from what i have learnt in my time with bubbles so bookmark me and i will hopefully be your go to reference for bubble tips!

Josh’s (simple) Big Bubble Mix!



1.     50g washing up liquid.

2.     1g guar gum.

3.     2g baking powder. (not soda)

4.     1 litre water.



1.     Uncle bubble is better and quicker but more expensive. (buy it from oddballs.co.uk)

2.     Mix items 1,2,3 then add them to warm water.

3.     Mix 4 litres together as 4g is a teaspoon.

4.     Mix gently once water is added as you want minimum foam.

5.     Fairy is better than cheaper brands.

6.     I get my guar gun on eBay/amazon.


also check out bubble wiki for all sorts of bubble tips! bubble.fandom.com

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