Josh Woodcock AKA Josh From London


Born in the greatest city on earth (maybe a little bias). Keen 360 photographer and google streets contributor. Clients all over the United Kingdom and beyond, thank you so much for taking the time to visit my site and maybe London!

Any questions that you can't find an answer for within these pages please do not hesitate to get in touch it’s what I am here for! Look forward to hearing from you.


You are the most valuable asset you own! Let that sink in for a second as it is so true, we spend our entire life being labelled and put into groups but you alone are the very best at being you.

Go out into the world be the best version of yourself you can be, build those up around you and coach them to do the same. There is a huge power in positive thoughts and I love to spread them so if you have an event or a platform I would love to come and share some good vibes.

Remember if someone isn’t wearing a smile, SHARE YOURS!


I have lived by the sea, lived on a ship at sea, dived under the sea it’s in my blood and bones! I love to spend time by the ocean and its humbling to realise just how large the world around us is.

If you have any question about my time home or away reach out to me it good to share.


Plane, foot, bike, trike, boat, ship, taxi, tuk-tuk, train, electric scooter, Segway, zipline and the list goes on! in my travels i have taken for granted so many methods of transport and boy have I been lucky in my opportunities to travel.

I have worked on ships in two very different phases of life, been to Vegas with a company I was a trainer for, worked in a sailing center in Turkey and I wouldn’t change any of it. I love to explore and find new places so believe me when I say “wherever you are get in touch”, together we will find a solution and maybe even get me there to share a smile! (or coffee)