Need a host for your event?

There is no better way to keep an event running smoothly and on time than to have a pro leading from the front!

Get in touch today and see how we can make your event memorable and make sure you all get home on time!

Brand Ambassador

Working for some of the biggest brands in front of thousands of guests every week brought a wealth of experience. No matter if it’s a one-off event or an ongoing relationship that you are after, get in touch today and let us make a plan together!

In partnership we will reach more people and ensure that your message and company ethos is shouted from the roof tops. We will only partner with companies that match our view on life, if you think that is you we would love to hear about it.


Well the world maybe in lock down but the fun of connecting with people will never stop. Book us today to help keep your meeting running from simple moderator tasks to allow you to focus on getting you message across to host a PUB QUIZ for your team or customers.


Want an added team member is knows how to connect with passing traffic in a display centre? With all of your competition stood around you it can be really hard to grab people attention and that's where we can help! From magic to costume characters there are all sorts of methods to make you stand head and shoulders above the crowds, sometimes literally with stilts...